Smart TV & Web

About the team

Our team develops a React application that brings video streaming to a wide range of devices. We run it on desktop and mobile web, Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Hisense), and our own set-top boxes (Explora Ultra, Streama). 

In order to support so many very different platforms and still have the ability to expand to new ones in the future, we develop our own device SDK and a video player. The React UI then sits on top of it.

We have a very experienced team, consisting of senior developers and QA engineers and we work closely with our product managers and designers. 

The tech stack itself is pretty straightforward. We use React with Redux for state management and everything is written in Typescript. We keep the stack simple with performance in mind because many devices (low-end TVs, set-top boxes) don’t have the high compute power we have all become used to in recent years. 

Sometimes we have to look under the hood of React and Javascript to optimize rendering speed and responsiveness. This makes our work very challenging but also fun and rewarding. We often have to come up with unique solutions to unique problems that could happen only in the world of Smart TVs.

How we work

The key element of work in our team, as well as in the rest of Showmax, is that you have a great deal of freedom which comes along with responsibility. You can do things your way, bring new ideas that are heard and be really creative. But at the same time, we all have to work together towards a common goal.

One of the most creative parts is the way we cooperate with product and design. We work in a dual-track fashion where we have a developer, a product manager, and a designer working together on new features. You can be part of it from the very beginning –-- brainstorming ideas, commenting on UX, wireframes and designs, as well as on technical aspects and complexity of proposed solutions.

Despite working on large screen TVs which you can’t really emulate, we fully support remote work. We have a TV lab in the office which you can access remotely to control, develop, and debug the app from your home. 

But at the end of the day, we still love to hang together in the office or go for a few beers after work.