Pavel Bureš
head of backend

About the team

The R&D Team is responsible for designing the overall architecture of the next-generation platform and building the core components for it. We take a scientific approach to problem solving, and strive to understand the behavior of distributed systems before implementing solutions.

Solving the challenges

We don’t just operate in a lab environment, disconnected from reality. We hold the pager for whatever we do until we are certain that what we designed works in the real world – with real customers – without requiring constant care. Once we are reasonably sure that the results of our work meet the expectations, we hand them over to the relevant teams and move on to solving new challenges.

The team embraces freedom and personal responsibility—our focus is on delivering results, not on tracking hours spent in the office.

How we work

We work closely with the rest of Showmax Engineering to define the requirements for the individual parts of the stack, select potential technologies and approaches, and then conduct the PoCs to find the best solutions for us. We push technologies to their limits, use them in ways nobody else does, and often pull out our hair while doing it – and it’s pretty fun.

Importantly, the work we do is not repetitive, and it is certainly not boring. We are trying to solve difficult problems, the likes of which are not solvable with cursory Google searches. That often means spending hours in front of a whiteboard trying to understand the problem, designing a solution, and then getting the supreme satisfaction of creating something that works.