Product Management
dominic bignall
product manager

About the team

We’re an international mix of product managers with different backgrounds and skill sets, working together with our engineering and design teammates. Each PM has their own area of responsibility and together with their team they work on improving that space.

On the front end of things, we have PMs responsible for the apps (mobile, web, various TVs), some who are responsible for a specific part of the experience (Sports, personalized recommendations), and others who focus on the signing up and payments of new customers.

We enjoy reasonable freedom to identify problems and validate solutions through product discovery, but being part of a multinational corporation means that every now and then we need to align with the rest of the group and prioritize together.

How we work

The PMs are tightly aligned with their counterparts in their respective teams (primarily engineering and design, but there are other key roles as well). This is their “family”, this is where they spend most of their time.

  • Product discovery is key. We consider all our ideas to be assumptions that need to be validated.
  • We interview our customers on a regular basis, the front end teams do so weekly.
  • We’re making sure we’re best friends with the analytics team.
  • Most changes are shipped as an A/B test or at least incrementally rolled out.
  • We plan quarterly and in the form of topics, ideally with measurable results. Specific features are what comes out of discovery, not planning. There are exceptions to this and we’re still finding ways to engrain this into the whole company.

Join the team

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