Product Design

About the team

There are nine people on the design team, each dedicated to different parts of the Showmax video-streaming platform, be it a web interface, or a mobile or smart TV app.

We handle every platform and the challenges that come with them. This means we have to solve the right problem the right way, building a design system that makes designing and development efficient and scalable. Experimentation and concept validation is the fuel that drives us.

How we work

The team works with the User-centered Design (UCD) approach — customer needs and usability of the product drive every step of the design process. We conduct A/B tests, prototype designs, and use Maze for non-moderated prototype testing. But what stands out in the process is that we invest a lot of time into customer interviews to explore their pain points and our opportunities to improve. Ultimately, we’re trying to help the user, as a real human being, fully understand and effectively use the platform in the context of specific cultures, habits, and expectations.

Our goal is to build a list of opportunities and plan the improvements as far ahead as we can, coordinating changes across all platforms, and choosing the thing to work on based on the opportunity solution tree. We assess every opportunity to see how valuable and feasible the improvement could be.

Data-driven support

At Showmax, Product designers work closely with Analytics, and no idea gets to be sketched without proper, data-driven support. They work with developers too, in order to see possible platform limitations and unreasonable workloads related to the new idea. Improving the product is a cyclical process; there are numerous iterations and the designer adjusts the proposals based on the feedback received at the design critique meeting or cross-company demos.

Design system

The most recent (and biggest) initiative of the Product Design team is to create a design system including all the elements like foundations (colours, typography), buttons, icons, containers, etc. in shareable libraries available for all the platforms in Figma.