alina sedach
junior ios developer

About the team

Our team is responsible for taking care of the Showmax iOS and tvOS apps. This means building new features, fixing bugs, and building and maintaining our continuous integration and automation infrastructure.

The Showmax iOS app may look simple, but there’s a lot happening under the hood. Developing a streaming app for the African market presents unique challenges, especially in regards to network speed and availability. This is what makes our job interesting. In the code, we have components that aggressively cache data fetched from the backend, so we are not fetching anything twice. What really sets Showmax apart is the internal expert knowledge of video playback in iOS and the AVFoundation APIs.

How we work

Testable, well-written, maintainable code is our goal. We like reactive programming, dependency injection, and using the latest Swift –— and we really like to automate anything that can be automated.

We do regular code reviews, value each other’s feedback, and pride ourselves on our team being a “safe space” for everyone — it’s a core value. Everybody has something to learn from someone else, and in our team nothing is written in stone. If someone has an idea for how we can improve something, we talk about it, build a PoC, and try it out.

The great thing about Showmax is that the team can do a lot of stuff on its own. We decide which technologies and workflows we use. Thanks to this, everybody inside our team can contribute to team development and be comfortable with the entire work environment.