Data Analytics
jan panáček
data analytics team leader

About the team

Our team is always trying to find the balance betweenamong data engineering, data science, and data analytics. Our primary function is to transform data from backend services and client applications into representations used by various analytics teams. We are the owners of the Showmax Analytical Data Pipeline – all Showmax data flows through our services and systems. This data is then used by the Business Analytics and Marketing teams in South Africa.

Aside from Data Engineering, we also focus on analytical and engineering research in close cooperation with the product management team. Essentially, we look for the pages and screens that are the most effective (and the under-performers as well, of course) on the Showmax platform. We support AB testing, new feature implementations, and we perform detailed investigations into user behavior as requested by the Product team.

The Showmax Data Analysis team is all about using data to improve every aspect of our platform.

How we work

We process event streams that peak at a few thousand messages processed per second, and work with tables using SQL and Python. Currently, our ETL processes work on a daily basis, processing daily batches. Our plan is to move to a fully real-time data system with minutes of latency to ensure that the data we work with is always “fresh," and our migration to AWS infrastructure should help with that – especially with access to tools like Spark and Data Lakes.

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