Content Delivery
radek zajíc
cdn team lead

About the team

The role of the Content Delivery team is to build the infrastructure and logic to deliver the best quality video based on a deep working knowledge of HTTP video streaming, quality monitoring, IPv4/IPv6 networking, and other delivery-related technologies. Our team focuses on maintaining and improving the origin server infrastructure for media storage and content delivery networks. This also includes configuring, performance testing and tuning of Linux-based systems, specifying and purchasing HW, deploying it in remote locations, and (mainly) defining and building decision algorithms to pick the best possible server and/or CDN for each particular customer.

How we work

We work with existing technologies, but sometimes we have to build something new from scratch. We mostly use Nginx, Varnish, Apache, and Debian-based Linux distributions on bare metal servers. For the servers, we use Supermicro hardware with in-house defined specifications. For the network infrastructure, we use equipment from Arista Networks. Most of our code is written in Python and Go, occasionally we also script using Bash.

We build and manage the video storage infrastructure where all the media files are ingested and kept. This infrastructure is accessed by the CDNs if the content is not cached yet. Some of our tools are better suited for a containerized environment, so we therefore utilize a shared Kubernetes infrastructure running on AWS to which we deploy our internal services.