Pavel Bureš
head of backend

About the team

The Showmax CMS team is based in Prague and takes care of anything and everything content related. Showmax has an extensive content library, including world-class movies and TV series, and live sports.

Our team develops and maintains Showmax’s internal web app used by content teams to manage the metadata for all of this content. The system is also used for managing various parts of our platform, like our CDN or encoding pipeline. The CMS is developed in Python and Django and relies heavily on the django-admin functionality, using PostgreSQL as storage. The data from PostgreSQL is periodically denormalized and exported to ElasticSearch.

How we work

The team is also responsible for the development of multiple API services, 
making all the metadata and media files available to our users. The APIs are implemented using Python’s Falcon framework and querying the data from ElasticSearch. We’re always trying to use the latest technologies such as ES7 or python3.9. With our constantly growing user-base, we always need to keep performance and scalability in mind and make sure all the services can handle the load for a reasonable price.

We are a team involved in many projects – because without us, there’s no content to watch and no data to display.

We believe in freedom

We like to meet together in the office from time to time or go for a beer in the evening, but remote work is the default. Within the team we set our own processes, periodically adjusting them based on our needs or whims. Every morning we meet at a daily standup to discuss what’s happening, and every two weeks we have a planning meeting to discuss both short and long-term projects.

Put simply, we want to do our job well and have some fun while we’re at it. We believe in freedom and responsibility rather than micromanagement and strict rules. We share as much knowledge as possible, but it’s ultimately up to you whether you focus more on APIs, Django, or take responsibility for different projects – things like content discovery, AWS migration, or sports scheduling integration. Most of these not only allow you to improve your programming skills, but you’ll also require you need to communicate with other teams, learn to think like our users, distribute the work within the team, and manage the project.

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