Backend Bravo
Pavel Bureš
head of backend

About the team

The Bravo team is composed of Ruby and Golang developers who develop and maintain microservices to support the platform and bring new features to Showmax users. We work closely with the Alpha team, but our focus tends to be on things that affect user data.

While the majority of our services have been written in Ruby over the years, we are starting to use Golang for performance-critical parts of our system. This includes things like application log ingress, authentication/authorization, AB testing orchestration, and video playback preflight checks. We are moving our services to AWS to take advantage of auto-scaling, but application and system performance are important considerations for our team.

How we work

We have daily written standups, with one social meeting planned every day, and our own internal weekly planning meetings. Bravo team members are encouraged and expected to develop their tasks, reaching out to stakeholders to iron out specifications. We take user experience and data security seriously, and automated testing and QA are big parts of our process.

Our basic technology stack
  • Ruby/Golang
  • Containerized Microservices using Ubuntu base
  • Kubernetes (we use tanka, terraform, and terragrunt)
  • Loki/Grafana for logs
  • Prometheus/Grafana for metrics

Content discovery

The Bravo team’s work is organized separately from the Alpha team, but we work very closely with them, as well as the CMS and Data Analytics teams.

Content discovery is a major focus for us, as it brings value to our customers, but it is an interesting challenge that involves product, design, data analytics, content, and collaboration with frontend teams. Working in Bravo you can see your impact on the product and user experience immediately.