Backend Alpha
Pavel bureš
head of backend

About the team

The Showmax Backend-Alpha team (BE-Alpha for short) focuses on user acquisition. Starting at landing pages, continuing through signup and subscription management, we are responsible for applications serving both the frontend and backend of these journeys and most of the related API services.

We are an international technical team. You can find full-stack developers (Ruby on Rails), developers focused on building APIs (Ruby), and one frontend engineer (Typescript, Next.js). The quality of our work is assured by dedicated QA engineers who are also part of the team.

As an engineer your main job is delivering new application features. You would also participate in architectural decisions, maintain the quality of our application via refactoring, and utilize the devops mindset to keep improving our already robust application monitoring system.

How we work

Our daily work is shaped by product teams (cross-functional teams, CFTs) - people are spread across five cross-functional teams driven by a product manager. The other roles that are included in a CFT are data analysts and UX/designers. Since all team work in the user acquisition space, the CFTs have a joint daily standup together.

The individual CFTs drive their own product roadmap via individual planning and weekly meetings. Collaboration is at the heart of this setup. The different roles collaborate to make the CFT successful and together we work on making the whole user acquisition space better.

Cross-Functional Teams

Conversion-Rate Optimization
Payment and Partnerships

Visible features

If you like to deliver features that are visible to users but don’t necessarily like the heavy JavaScript development, working on our Ruby on Rails applications may be a great fit for you. If you prefer APIs, we have such services too. The best part is that your work will be used by users every day and every little improvement you can bring to the user experience has far-reaching benefits.


As Showmax is an international service, we integrate with several payment providers in multiple countries. With the current expansion to other markets and extending our portfolio, we expect to expand the list of integrations we support.