Backend Alpha
Pavel bureš
head of backend

About the team

The Showmax Backend-Alpha team (BE-Alpha for short) focuses on user acquisition. Starting with landing pages and continuing through signup and subscription management, we are responsible for applications serving both the frontend and backend of these journeys and most of the related API services.

We are an international technical team. You can find full-stack developers (Ruby on Rails), developers focused on building APIs (Ruby), and one frontend engineer (Typescript, Next.js). The quality of our work is assured thanks to dedicated QA testers who are also part of our team.

Our team cooperates with product managers in the planning phase, participates in architectural decisions, and enjoys 24/7 visibility into the platform state thanks to our monitoring and other devops principles. The best part? We see the results of our work quickly.And if you prefer fully- remote work, you are also in luck as some of the people already work remote full-time.

How we work

BE-Alpha and BE-Bravo used to be one backend team. We still have a joint standup on Wednesdays and our team members sometimes cooperate together. However, as the team grew, we had to split our daily standups and planning.

Moreover, as the team grew further we had to find a more efficient way to give the team focus, plan new work, and assign responsibilities for individual parts of our applications. The solution was cross-functional teams, a team that consists of a product manager, software engineers, QA, data analysts, and UX/designers.

Cross-Functional Teams

Conversion-Rate Optimization
Payment and Partnerships

Visible features

If you like to deliver features that are visible to users but don’t necessarily like the heavy JavaScript development, working on our Ruby on Rails applications may be a great fit for you. If you prefer APIs, we have such services too. The best part is that your work will be used by users every day and every little improvement you can bring to the user experience has far-reaching benefits.


As Showmax is an international service, we integrate with several payment providers in multiple countries. With the current expansion to other markets and extending our portfolio, we expect to expand the list of integrations we support.

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