jakub brož
software engineer

About the team

The team has, thanks to Android dominance on the market, a great impact on the future of video streaming in Africa. The Showmax Android team currently consists of ten members, most of them senior developers. Having worked together for many years, we focus on writing clean, testable, and easy-to-scale code.

We have our own Product managers and Designers assigned for both mobile and Android TV platforms.

How we work

Our architecture is MVVM-based and we use a pretty regular Android stack. You should have relevant experience with dependency injection and writing tests. QA automation is an integral part of our work.

In non-pandemic times, the team sits together, talks things through, and enjoys good coffee and homemade cookies. The culture is one of openness, experimentation, and meaningful feedback. Don’t like something in the app, code, or company culture? Say something, let’s talk about it, and let’s get better — that’s how our teams work.

About the role

You should know your stuff and be curious and interested in how things actually work and why it is so, willing to gradually improve them.

Freedom and responsibility
The floor is yours
You own your work
You are heard
No stupid questions. Raise your concerns