Remote testing on Smart TVs

Recently, we joined the Frontendisti community at their November Prague meetup. Tomáš Zeman, Showmax Frontend team leader of the web and smart TV team, delivered a talk about how we tackle remote testing on smart TVs. This blog post summarizes the... »

SmartTV - Behind the scenes II. (The WebOS)

We’ve already documented how (occasionally) painful it can be to develop for Samsung Tizen devices. We want to be fair, so here’s a follow-up about developing for LG WebOS. Fortunately, LG has slightly better tooling than Samsung, so we don’t have... »

SmartTV - Behind the scenes

SmartTV - Behind the scenes We love modern smart TVs. CRTs are a thing of the past, now we can simply choose and install almost any application we can imagine. Showmax is one of those apps. Although they may seem like easy, plug-and-play things, they... »