The journey from PHP to Ruby

I got acquainted with PHP and started my developer’s career in 2013, when I was a 3rd-year university student. I received an offer to work as technical support engineer in a company that had a self-written framework in PHP. Three month later, I moved... »

Ruby vs. PHP — which one wins?

I’ve tried a lot of programming languages. I started my programming journey in university — more than 8 years ago — playing with C and C++. Later, I added Java. In the end, in what I thought it was the final change, I switched to scripting languages... »

Developers' basic guide to kubernetes

As Showmax, we are slowly moving toward future in the clouds. Among many changes we are introducing related to migration to AWS (which will be topic of many articles to come, do not worry), we also decided to leave behind our workload orchestrator... »