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Our goal is to be Africa’s most loved online storyteller. Showmax is one of the largest and most successful subscription video on demand services serving sub-Saharan Africa. Our apps are available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, media players and gaming consoles.A small-ish team in Prague (about 120 people across engineering, design and PM) manages the majority of the product and enjoys reasonable freedom. MultiChoice Group (ex Naspers) offers an umbrella and benefits of a stable company.

Your area:

You will be responsible for a critical part of our user journey: Maximising and optimising the conversions of  visitors interested in our service, into paying customers. 

We acquire our users through paid performance, organic and partnership traffic via Online, Mobile App stores, and Smart TV’s. Your role will be to scoop up this traffic,  and ensure users can  effortlessly sign up, select a plan that works for them, navigate through the payment process  and start watching some amazing content. 

You will work closely with our marketing team and two other PMs who are responsible for campaigns and the integration and maintenance of new payment methods.

Working within a squad you will have a UX designer and dedicated engineers at your disposal. 


Your daily tasks:

  • Together with your engineering and design counterparts identify the opportunities to improve the conversion rate:
    • Use heuristic analysis, data analysis and user research to identify friction points and opportunities to improve the conversion rate.
    • Together with your UX designer and engineers, form hypotheses to address the above hypotheses.
    • Prioritise the hypotheses and create tests to validate them. Validation will focus mainly on A/B tests, but there will be occasions when you will use other methods.
    • Evaluate the tests together with an analyst. 
    • Implement those that were confirmed, learn from the tests that failed.
  • Apart from the CRO work, your team will need to manage the maintenance of your area, address and prioritise bug fixes and the occasional strategic project.
  • Meet with users on a regular basis (we do weekly remote interviews with our customers).
  • Work closely together with other teams that take care of existing areas.
  • Communicate the progress on a regular basis to the stakeholders.

We imagine you like this:

  • You have strong demonstrable experience with increasing conversion rates and the optimization of onboarding users. . 
  • You have worked for a major player within the domestic or international space who predominantly acquires users and sells their products online (Antivirus,  E-commerce,  Mobile/ internet provider, Bookings etc. 
  • You understand the psychology of a buyer, and can address friction and concerns of customers.
  • With the support of Data Analysts you can understand, interpret and cross reference various data points via Google Analytics, Amplitude or similar. You can expertly distil this information into simplified presentations to communicate your findings. 
  • You have strong commercial acumen, understanding that not all traffic is created equal and that ARPU, CLV, CPA, RIO and Cohorts impact your work. 
  • Defining, running and evaluating an A/B test is second nature to you. 
  • You know that gut feeling is something you acquire through data and experience. Until then, any idea is an assumption that needs to be tested.
  • Product management skills: you can prioritise ruthlessly based on data and user research.
  • You don’t wait for others to provide you with what you need, you can communicate and roll up your sleeves if necessary.
  • You are comfortable working with an incomplete picture - you can fill in the missing pieces with industry best practice or historical knowledge if need be. 
  • You’re a positive person that can keep the spirit of the team high.
  • You are comfortable with multiple stakeholders within a fast changing organisation. 
  • You are comfortable communicating and gaining ‘’buy-in’’ for your ideas under scrutiny from anyone in the business, such as your counterparts in other business units through to the CEO.   
  • You have advanced English, both written and spoken.
    • Most written communication is in English
    • Some team members might be non-native speakers.
    • Weekly calls with South Africa.
    • Visits to South Africa once the pandemic is over.

We can offer:

  • Remote work with regular visits in the office.
  • Ability to be part of a B2C product with an African twist.
  • Agility of a smaller company, stability of a large one.
  • Chance to learn and grow in a multinational environment.
  • 5 sick days.
  • 5 weeks of vacation.
  • Offices in Prague 5 right on a subway line.


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