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Our goal is to be Africa’s most loved online storyteller. Showmax is one of the largest and most successful subscription video on demand services serving sub-Saharan Africa. Our apps are available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, media players and gaming consoles.

A small-ish team in Prague (about 120 people across engineering, design and PM) manages the majority of the product and enjoys reasonable freedom. MultiChoice Group (ex Naspers) offers an umbrella and benefits of a stable company.


Your area:

You will be in charge of our fastest growing app: Android TV. We’ve recently started working on updating it to the latest standards and we need a dedicated PM to help drive this effort. 

You will work with a small team of engineers (which will likely grow) and a UX designer. It will be up to you to run the product discovery together.

Your primary task will be continuous improvement of the core product experience. Some goals will be measurable (like time spent watching, number of titles watched per session), some might be rather qualitative (perceived quality).

If you can support your decisions with arguments and keep delivering results leading towards your goal, you will have freedom to define the solutions.

Your daily tasks:

  • Manage a cross functional team (design, engineers) taking care of the above area. You will have a goal to achieve, it will be up to you and your team to find ways to achieve it.
  • Run tests to confirm your hypotheses (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • Stay in sync with your PM counterparts who will be focusing on a similar area on mobile,  web and other TV apps.
  • Work closely together with other teams that take care of areas like sign up, payment, onboarding.
  • Filter and prioritize bugs and requests for most of the features on the web and SmartTV platform.
  • Be an informal leader for the team. Gain trust and create a positive transparent atmosphere.

We imagine you like this:

  • You have experience with engagement focused online B2C products (think games or productivity tools rather than e-commerce). 
  • You don’t wait for an assignment. You have the ability to set goals for the team, agree on them with management and drive the process of discovering solutions that will achieve the goal.
  • You focus on frequent, constant delivery of impactful changes, rather than shipping large projects.
  • You have solid experience working with a dedicated engineering team:
    • Backlog prioritization, ability to decide what is critical to achieve the current goal. Balancing technological debt and new feature work.
    • Involving engineering in discovery work
    • Building a relationship and working closely together, not handing over specifications.
  • You’re data savvy, but can make decisions based on both data and user feedback.
    • Experience with gathering user feedback is a strong plus. Not necessarily user testing, but being able to source user feedback yourself (polls, surveys, etc.).
    • Ability to interpret user data. We have people to help with this, but it is much faster to do some things yourself.
  • You’re a positive person that can keep the spirit of the team high.
  • You have advanced English proficiency, both written and spoken.
    • Most written communication is in English.
    • Some team members might be non-native speakers.
    • Weekly calls with South Africa.
    • Visits to South Africa.

We can offer:

  • Remote work with regular visits in the office.
  • Ability to be part of a B2C product with an African twist.
  • Agility of a smaller company, stability of a large one.
  • Chance to learn and grow in a multinational environment.
  • 5 sick days.
  • 5 weeks of vacation.
  • Offices in Prague 5 right next to a metro stop.

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