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Join us in building and maintaining one of the largest video streaming platforms in the world.

Showmax brings video-on-demand entertainment to customers across Sub-Saharan Africa. For us, that means fun, innovation, technology, and building products that people love to use. 

We are looking for a junior developer who will grow while helping us to build a strong foundation for the transformation of our platform.

Showmax runs microservices - most of which are written in Ruby. In an effort to increase both performance and reliability, we’ve decided to migrate some of our services to Go. The transition needs to be smooth and well-managed so that other microservices can keep working while we rebuild and enhance. We are looking for Ruby developers with solid programming experience, who are able to write clean code.  

We are looking for someone who wants to:

  • Work within a microservice architecture composed of REST APIs, with workers (mostly) implemented in Ruby or Go;
  • Implement features with a focus on user experience, reliability, performance, and monitoring;
  • Deploy code to staging and production environments daily, ensuring the service is stable and working as intended;
  • Work on in-house tools used to support company operations, testing, and development;
  • Work with product managers and designers on new features - from architecture to delivery.

Get in touch if you:

  • Are interested in learning Ruby and/or Go
  • Are comfortable using Linux;
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility for your work and for its overall impact on the product;
  • Are eager to learn how to do cool new stuff with the support of the teams around you;
  • Have solid communication skills in English are able to communicate your ideas effectively;
  • Are able to deliver on your commitments;
  • Are willing to learn to work with a DevOps mindset - running, monitoring, debugging, and improving the application is a vital part of software development;
  • Know how to generate new ideas to innovate and break the status quo;
  • Have strong analytical skills and are willing to make decisions based on data, not gut feeling. 

The following is a list of some of the technology we use at Showmax. If you have experience with any of it, it's a plus. If not, don’t worry - you’ll have a lot of chances to learn!

  • Linux (we run it everywhere)
  • Docker and Nomad (current production deployment) and AWS, EKS (migration currently in progress)
  • Postgresql (for backend storage)
  • RabbitMQ, Kafka (for microservices communication)
  • Prometheus and Alertmanager (for monitoring)
  • Elasticsearch + Kibana (current) and Loki + Grafana (in AWS) (for logs)
  • HAProxy and Varnish (HTTP load-balancing and caching)

Working at Showmax

  • 25 days of holidays
  • 5 sick days
  • Annual performance-based bonus
  • Flexible hours and 2 days per week of home office (currently we are fully remote)
  • The equipment that you prefer - Lenovo or Apple laptop, monitors, etc.
  • Meal vouchers, MultiSport card
  • Education - Internal knowledge sharing, conferences, online courses, time allocation for learning purposes
  • Ergonomic workspace, good coffee and snacks in the office

What to expect at Showmax

We want to do more than just leverage your knowledge, give you tasks, and pay you to complete them. We believe in our work, and we focus on working with people - pushing people to learn, experiment, and bring new ideas. We encourage everyone to challenge decisions or established paradigms and strive for never-ending improvement.

The engineering team plays a vital role in product decisions, working with the product team to define new features and develop new ideas. Our organization is structurally flat, so we participate in product decisions with product managers as peers - there are no “corporate overlords” dictating orders to minions sitting at computers.

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