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Data Engineer

Showmax is one of the largest and most successful subscription video on demand services in Sub-Saharan Africa. Showmax apps are available for various devices including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, media players, and gaming consoles. The Showmax engineering team located in Prague, and Johannesburg delivers latest Hollywood hits, local African content, and live sports to consumers in developing economies - all without compromising quality.

The team of 140 highly experienced engineers is the great source of Showmax steep growth and represents a center of excellence of video streaming for the entire group (Multichoice Group).

Analytics team

We are a team of 9 and the most part of our daily work is processing and aggregating message streams ranging up to thousands of messages per second.
Why so many? We aggregate data from dozens of production systems using mostly Python and SQL to build a business representation and dashboards used by analysts, product and other teams. Aside note, we still have some legacy code written in Ruby. We always aim to improve. Currently we are migrating some services from the private cloud to AWS. 

We have a data engineer role open

Your job will be to build and maintain data pipelines, which are used by Data Scientists and Data Analysts.

…and you

would fit in perfectly if you are excited to work with terabytes of data, have some history with data engineering,  speak SQL and Python fluently, and know AWS still don’t mind working with Azure too. We work closely with the teams in Africa and even in the team there are people who does not speak Czech, so you need to be comfortable with working in English. And if you are a meticulous perfectionist and like to learn new stuff, don’t waste a second and apply right away!

Your daily job

  • Maintain and improve data pipelines using SQL and Python.
  • Suggest and work on improvements to systems and processes.
  • React to changes in product and make sure source data changes are handled properly.

Work standart

  • Click as little as possible — our stack is fully code-defined.
  • Work on mostly documented databases and make them very well documented databases
  • Besides the very brief daily standups and bi-weekly prioritization keep meeting-free schedule
  • Get every team mate their own emoji/odd meme created within first months - every team has its weirdness, this is ours
  • Work fully remotely if you want or need to
  • Speak about what you do at Showmax in blog posts and at conferences. We will do more than just covering the expense on conference tickets, we like learning new stuff so much to even help you pack or drive you there :)


  • 5 weeks of vacation
  • 5 sick days
  • Choose your laptop, additional hardware, and OS (Linux / Mac preferred) with full admin rights
  • Access to Udemy, internal library of books we own, and shared subscription to O’Reilly
  • English/Czech classes 
  • Optional, partially-funded Multisport Card
  • Developer’s access to Showmax product
  • Kitchen full of good and also heathy stuff

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