Pracovna LOFT, Vlkova 36, Prague Žižkov27/04/20236 pm

#2 WeStream: Live Sports

Join us on April 27 for the second WeStream meetup that will be whole focused on live streaming.

You will get a sneak peek into how live streams are handled at Czech Television (Tomáš Leschak, iVysilani) and how we have set them at Showmax (Jakub Dušek, Encoding Team at Showmax).

The talks in short:

Jakub Dušek, , Encoding Team at Showmax

We offer a sneak peek into the Showmax setup of the live-stream flow. You will learn how we manage to stream live events in 4K, and how we stream to both mobiles and TV screens in a market where satellite dishes are still the norm. We will touch on the different experience of streaming video-on-demand content and live encoding and will close with final remarks on delivering the best possible user experience on any device and across all sub-saharan Africa.

Tomáš Leschak, iVysilani

The follow-up discussion will cover anything speakers might have omitted.

The capacity is limited to 65 people.

So don't miss it and book your seat now!

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