Apr 8, 2022

Showmax for students

Showmax Engineer
Showmax Engineer
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Showmax for students

Student projects

Would you like to gain some real-world experience? Earn some money, learn new stuff, meet nice people, and end up landing a job offer even before you finish university? Then join us!

“We consider ourselves life-long students. Everyday, we strive to learn something new, increase our knowledge, or tackle new challenges. In this spirit, we are keen to help students to enhance their skills with real-life experience, and maybe find a topic for their bachelor or master’s thesis.”
Zita Pivcová, Showmax HR manager

We are not listing any boring, general projects. We would like to know what you want to work on. We keep our doors and inboxes open, so don’t hesitate to bounce any idea of cooperation off us. We will gladly discuss it, outline it, and do our best to put it into practice and welcome you among us to work on it.
Email us at students@showmax.com.

Get inspired

You can read more about what we do at Showmax in the About us section, and browse some detailed information about the technologies we use and our various solutions to tricky problems on our Blog. Read more about what our teams do below!

Students who joined Showmax

Martin Scheubrein Rozálie SuntychováOndřej HrubýJan Dubský
Student FIT ČVUT, Knowledge Engineering Joined Showmax as a student at FITStudent Matfyz, Software engineering, Software project: Load-testing toolStudent Matfyz, Software systems
Worked on Showmax User Behaviour clustering and on Churn prediction [Interview with Rozi](https://showmax.engineering/2021/03/women-at-showmax-rozalie/) [Interview with Ondra](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rp_iaN_7Wc) Works for Showmax R&D team on the next-gen project

Our teams

We want to tell you more about the teams where you could work on your project. Maybe it will spark some idea for what to work on with us.

Backend AlfaBackend Bravo CMS
Ruby on Rails applications, Microservices, full-stack development Ruby and Golang devs, Containerized Microservices (Ubuntu), Kubernetes in AWS, Loki, Kibana, (logs), Prometheus/Grafana (metrics) Showmax’s internal web app for content metadata, Python and Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch

Research and development
Next-gen platform, Pushes all used technologies to limits

Data AnalyticsContent Discovery
Showmax Analytical Data Pipeline: data engineering, data science, and data analytics, AB testing; investigation into user behavior personalisation based on users watching history, content recommendations, Film2vec

iOS AndroidSmartTV/web
video playback in iOS, AVFoundation APIs, dependency injection, SwiftShowmax Android app, MVP-based architecture, Kotlin, Dependency injection, QA automation Smart TV app written in Typescript/React

Product managementProduct DesignProject management
Product discovery, Customer interviews, A/B tests, incremental roll-outsUser-centered design approach, Customer research, interviews, Data-driven decisions, Showmax design system, Figma Development and Delivery Planning, Solving dependencies and impediments, Risk management, PMO processes and methodology


At Showmax, work is a challenge but a lot of FUN too… and our events, offsites and parties, or even minor talks show that. We search for cooperation with universities to organise various events for students. Don’t miss out on a good time.

Showmax Anniversary party 2021

In the past year, we partnered with BEST Prague to prepare the spring Unit Hackathon for the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) students. We also became a partner of the Matfyzák club where we organise cultural events for Matfyz (MFF) students. Soon, you can meet us at the Matfyz Hackathon organised by Matfyz Developer Student club, at the ball, and more.

If you have an idea of an event you would like to organize and are looking for any kind of company support, let us know.

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