Dec 6, 2023

Inspirations from Droidcon Lisbon

Inspirations from Droidcon Lisbon

Recently, we embarked on an exciting journey with our friends at Sky, which opened up numerous opportunities for us. One of those opportunities was a chance to visit our colleagues at Sky Portugal. I embraced this chance because it offered a great occasion to strengthen our relationships with colleagues, some of whom I had only interacted with on Slack or through code reviews.

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Arriving at the Sky Portugal offices in Lisbon.

During our three-day visit to the Sky Portugal offices, we immediately felt at home. Perhaps it was because some of our Portuguese colleagues had visited us in Prague before and wanted to reciprocate the hospitality.

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Enjoying after-work refreshments at O Visconde

Or maybe it was because we got along so well that working together felt completely natural, and we enjoyed quality time together outside of work as well.

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Gonçalo serving complimentary after-lunch coffee.

Droidcon Lisbon

It was fortunate that a major Android development conference, DroidCon Lisbon, was taking place nearby at Fórum Cultural de Alcochete on September 28-29. This presented a great opportunity to extend my stay and participate in the event, especially since Sky was one of the sponsors. As a result, we not only had a booth at the conference, but it also served as a dedicated space for meeting, discussing, and reflecting on sessions with colleagues and visitors.

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I can happily report that I wasn't disappointed. Let me share some highlights from the sessions I attended that left me feeling inspired:

Practical ADB Usage to Enhance Your Life!

by Ben Kadel

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  • We agreed with colleagues that it was the surprise of the day.
  • While we all know and love (or hate) ADB, it was eye-opening to see how versatile it can be to automate certain user flows (e.g. login). This is certainly not only useful for devs, but for QAs as well, so make sure you pass this knowledge to your QA teams.
  • Youtube: Practical ADB usage to enhance your life! - Benjamin Kadel

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/bkadel

Signing In with Android

by Lulia Stana

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  • A nicely presented overview of your options for dealing with sign-in, sign-up flows and what android has in store for you:
  • - AccountManager API
  • - Biometric with Cipher & Keystore
  • - Credential Manager
  • The provided github sample project demonstrates these.

ML Kit on Android

by Julien Salvi

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  • I was always intrigued by ML Kit and its possibilities, but it’s not free of gotchas.
  • APK size increases approximately 2-10 MB per model when statically linked or downloaded dynamically on-demand but dependent on Google Play Services availability.
  • Barcode scanner, which is pretty much format agnostic, is particularly useful, but more models are available.

Custom Composable

by Alex Frank

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Move to Material3

by Odin Asbjornsen & Fatih Giriş

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K2 in Production?

by Sergei Rybalkin / Meta

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  • K2 is the new Kotlin compiler bound to be adapted. While Google says it’s not yet ready for production, it may bring some benefits at least for developers.
  • It will eventually come to all of us, so we’d better get acquainted with it!

From Monolith to Multi-Module App

by Marco Gomiero

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  • It’s recommended to build apps in a modularized way, but sometimes we just inherit projects with legacy that needs to be dealt with.
  • And that’s what this talk was about and most of its content is available from Marco’s website

A Small Leak Can Sink a Great Ship

by Ayushi Gupta

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by Ahmed Tikiwa

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  • Say “bye, bye” to isTablet and isPhone methods, WindowSizeClasses are coming.
  • Get your graphics designers on board.
  • While Compact class is wide, it’s advantageous to design for mid-size phones rather than high-end phones with larger displays, where optimizing for smaller displays can cause more serious usability issues.

Chaining Compose Modifier Beyond Intuition

by Meike Felicia Hammer

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Managing Hundreds of UI Updates

by Piotr Prus

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Screenshot Testing

by Sergio Sastre Florez

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The entire week was packed with interactions and learning. While I was pretty exhausted every evening, I always felt refreshed and inspired afterward. My hope is that I can convey at least a fraction of this inspiration to you as well. Cheers!

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