Apr 27, 2022

By Showmaxers, for Showmaxers: Linux Containers

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Showmax Engineer
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Mark Basarab
By Showmaxers, for Showmaxers: Linux Containers

Here at Showmax, we believe that sharing knowledge and teaching each other the skills we have, is truly a way to reach greater heights as a team. In the “Sharing is caring” spirit, we came up with a series of internal talks called, “By Showmaxers, for Showmaxers”, and we recently started making them public. There are already talks available about NetworksAndroid app building, or PostgreSQL terminology.

Our latest talk focuses on Linux containers and is led by Štefan Šafár (@som_zlo), a Media Engineer at Showmax.


The talk was meant to briefly explain virtualization and containerization history and offer a deep dive into how containers are implemented in the Linux kernel, with how-tos that you can easily follow to set it all up yourself. The second main focus was to show what Docker can actually do and how to debug the most common issues encountered when using Docker.

The talk covers these main terms:

VMs / virtualization, 1:56
Processes, 3:55
Container, 8:09
Chroots, 10:40
Namespaces, 14:40
cgroups namespaces, 43:54
user namespaces, 44:37
container runtimes, 47:19
issues in Docker, 48:30

The video

All the terms are explained in a separate part of the presentation using demos in a terminal to show how they work and how they contribute to creating containers, so it’s best to watch the talk and examples, and possibly use bookmarks to navigate and start learning. Enjoy!

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