This year, it has been a decade since the IPv6 Launch day on June 6th 2012. Several major content providers successfully tested the access to content through IPv6 in 2011 and as a follow-up, in 2012 they permanently enabled IPv6. Since that day, IPv6 has spread and is now used worldwide.

At Showmax, we have our own IPv6 enthusiast and evangelist, Radek Zajíc @zajdee, who speaks about it a lot. Some time ago, Radek prepared an internal talk focusing on connecting to the internet, highlighting the problem of IPv4 exhaustion and showing its possible solutions. We are now making the talk publicly available within our series “By Showmaxers, for Showmaxers”.
The world of IPv6 has changed over the past decade, but it’s always good to review the basics. Enjoy!

IPv4: what it is and what does it serve for 1:50
Connecting your home to the Internets 3:25
IPv4 exhaustion 6:10
– Solutions of the IPv4 exhaustion  
The Tale of the Two Internets 14:43
Do we have any other option than IPv6? 17:44
IPv6 101 18:23 24:18
Am I on the IPv6 Internet? 25:40
IPv4 and IPv6 exist in parallel 32:40
CIDRs, bits and pieces 43:43
Subnetting - networks and sites 47:00
– Subnetting - typical IPv6 assignments  
– Subnetting - the rules of /64  
LAN auto-configuration 52:28
Connecting your home to the Internets: IPv6 54:28
– Subnetting  
– Delegating prefixes  
Security 1:00:01
Link local addresses 1:04:52
Router discovery 1:08:00
– Special multicast addresses  
Remembering IP addresses 1:13:58
Examples 1:16:01

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